Backpack & Handbag Design + Prototyping

How do we make a technical drawing for backpacks?

Why do we need a technical drawing?

When you are developing a product, in preparation to bring it to market. The old saying "failing to prepare, is preparing to fail."

The devil really is in the details and its important you have clear and concise technical drawings.  For backpack and handbag manufacture in China, without good drawings you cannot realise your idea. 

If you have your own technical drawings (that is also totally ok) send them over to us here and we can offer you a quote within 3-5 working days on your design. 

However if you've just got a napkin sketch, some ideas in your head and a few images of what you want to do then you might need help finalising your ideas into something that can be read by a manufacturer. 

We typically need 7-10 days to create a full technical drawing and for backpacks, they cost $250 USD and come with unlimited revisions (that means we change it until its right). No extra, hidden fees. Only once you are happy with it do we sign off on it. 

What can you

design for me?

As one of the leading backpack manufacturing companies in South China, we can design and draw the following items. 









Travel Bags


All we need from you is some basic ideas on what you want to achieve in terms of sketches, notes and we will do the rest.

Email us here free of charge to get started.


How do you convert

my design into something visual?

We have a core team of experts in Backpack and garment design who understand the core mechanics of sewing as well as being proficient with a pen and adobe illustrator. 

You just need to somehow get whats in your head onto a piece of paper and we can do the rest. 

What does the

design work cost?

Technical Drawing work costs $250 USD. With unlimited revisions until it is right. 

Of course if you have access to your own technical drawings, or have had them done elsewhere that is also totally fine. 

You are not bound to use our technical drawing service. 

How do you do prototyping?

Prototyping takes place, only when the client and The Idea Lab are satisfied with the finalised Design. Once we have the design finished we can begin to look at prototyping. 

The process of prototyping can vary in length depending on the complexity of the bag or garment.

A simple backpack design with clear reference images can be finished in two to three weeks. More complicated ones may take a bit longer, up to four or five weeks depending. 


The first prototype will rarely be exactly as you want it to be, there will always be revisions to it. This is totally fine and we don't usually charge for revisions (unless the design is scrapped and completely re-worked)


The prototype and what we call the final production sample (or golden sample) will differ somewhat. This is because the prototype will often use stock or in house materials, whereas the production sample will use finalised pre-booked and ordered materials. 

What do I mean by this, maybe in your request you wanted a red zipper - but for sampling we can't get red zippers - we have to bulk order. So the prototype may use stock zippers, and for production we will order in the red zippers.

What kind of prototyping do

you do?

How much does

prototyping  cost?

We prototype moslty in the cut and sew business so that means:

1. Handbags (either made from leather or artificial leather)

2. Backpacks (made from Nylon, Poly, Canvas etc)

3. Garments (made from a variety of fabrics) 

We try and keep prototyping costs as low as possible so you can visualise your product completely before you enter the market so to speak.

Typically prototyping costs need to be determined against the technical drawings, but you can estimate according to the prices below. 

1. Backpacks ($200-250)

2. Handbags ($150-200)

3. Garments ($100-150)

4. Clutches, Purses ($100-150)

Email us here to enquire about prototyping.

What are the benefits

of prototyping?

Prototyping is one of the most fundamental and important parts in the product design and development stage.


Visually it allows you to see your product and get an impression of how it looks. But more importantly than that, it allows you to identify potential flaws in your product and gives you opportunities to add improvements or re-visit ideas before you move to full scale production. 

What happens after prototyping?

With a finalised design and a successful prototype, the next stage is to move towards organising mass production.

We will use your prototype to set up a final pre-production sample, which you will confirm in person before we commit to mass production.

So even if your prototype is not 100% correct and changes are needed, we will again confirm one more sample before we hit the factory floor.

Enquiry is totally free and doesn't cost a penny so email us here to talk to us and get started

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