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Backpack & Handbag Design + Prototyping

Why do we need a technical drawing?

The Idea Lab have finalised hundreds of technical drawings and you are in the right place if you are in need of getting bag manufacturer ready technical drawings.

Whether you have a napkin sketch, rough drawings, or something thats half finished, we can help bring everything together so we can be ready to hit the factory floor with the right tools. 

What can you

design for me?

As your backpack manufacturing partner we work with you to design a wide range of soft goods. 









Travel Bags



What does the

design work cost?

Technical Drawing work costs $250 USD. With unlimited revisions until it is right. 

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How do you do prototyping?

When the technical drawings​ have been finalised. We can start to prepare for prototyping. Prototyping is as follows. 

1.  Translate technical drawings where necessary. 

2. Prepare the manufacturers pattern. 

3. Acquire materials, fabrics and cut fabric. 

4. Manufacture first draft sample. 

5.  Review sample with client. 

6.  Make necessary adjustments to samples.

What are the benefits

of prototyping?

Prototyping is one of the most fundamental and important parts in the product design and development stage.


Visually it allows you to see your product and get an impression of how it looks. But more importantly than that, it allows you to identify potential flaws in your product and gives you opportunities to add improvements or re-visit ideas before you move to full scale production. 

What happens after prototyping?

With a finalised design and a successful prototype, the next stage is to move towards organising mass production.

We will use your prototype to set up a final pre-production sample, which you will confirm in person before we commit to mass production.

So even if your prototype is not 100% correct and changes are needed, we will again confirm one more sample before we hit the factory floor.

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