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Get Started the right way.

If your MOQs are less than 100 pieces - it can be a tough gig getting started in the garment manufacturing business. But at the Idealabgz we have put together the most comprehensive and affordable sourcing package on the planet for just $100 USD. 


Yep! There aren't many things these days you can buy with $100 USD. A short hop flight ticket (maybe?), your groceries, fuel for your car, some movie tickets and a bucket of popcorn the list goes on -it's short and sweet.

For just $100 USD you will get access to:

30 plus technical drawings - if you don't see something you want just let us know and we will draw it up completely free. 

Fabric Swatches and Selections. So you can pick your fabrics and your colours right off the bat. Fully downloadable. 

Factory pricing calculator - plug in your numbers and the calculator will tell you *roughly* what you need to be paying. 

Factory list - updated every Monday with a comprehensive list of niche specific factories for you to talk to. 

Bespoke Request for Quotations. Can't see a factory that suits your needs. Just drop us a note and we will put together minimum 3 factories that are suitable for your project. 

For $100 USD get your design ready for the factory floor and find a factory that works for you. 


Garment Sourcing Made Eas(ier)



Every year

Resources to get your garment brand moving

30+ Technical Drawings

Custom Technical Drawings as you need them.

Factory Pricing Calculator

Factory Short List

Fabric Selections & Swatches

Forum Access

Anchor Garments Enquiry
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