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What is an Industry Grade Quotation [garment manufacturer]

garment manufacturer

In the garment manufacturing world, there are an endless stream of people always lining up at the gates of Alibaba looking for quotes to items they don't really know much about. The suppliers on Alibaba unsuprisingly are aware of this and they too in due course are often quite liberal with their pricing.

You wouldn't go and buy a house without researching the area, understanding the costs involved, whats in store once you put in an offer.

Similarly you wouldn't go and buy a car without atleast looking under the hood and checking the MOT.

So why on earth would you set up a business and be manufacturing garments with a supplier half way around the world without atleast getting some sound advice.

Go in armed to the teeth not half cocked. Failing to prepare as the saying goes, is preparing to fail.

An industry grade quotation is a proper non bias non subjective honest pricing appraisal given to you by a third party so you have a bench mark to work from.

Often when garment manufacturing suppliers are pitching for business or trying to woo you over they may under price it initially only to raise it when you arrive at the point you want to begin manufacturing. This is a very common practice indeed. And your at the point where you think "oh sod it im here now, I may as well crack on with it."

Similarly they can quote numbers that would make veteran purchasing departments eyes water.

If it seems expensive it probably is.

So what goes into an industry grade quote for garment manufacturing? And why does it help. Well the reason why it can help should be obvious. It is isn't obvious then you probably aren't ready to be doing business with a factory.

Well when it comes to garments its made of a few key things.

  1. Fabric cost per yard.

    1. As long as you are not buying Egyptian cotton from a supplier of the royal family the material cost should approximately account for around 30-45% of your final cost.

    2. You need to know how many yards your garment has roughly. Including accounting for wastage, seam allowance and trim.

  2. cutting fee.

    1. This is the cost to cut the fabric into sections or the pattern pieces as set out by your design.

    2. This is quite low for items such as t shirts, and significantly higher for items like wedding dresses and blouses.

  3. accessories, zippers, tags, sequins, etc etc

    1. As it says on the tin. the cost of extra stuff you want to add on.

  4. Labour cost. This is the cost for sewing and is again dependent on a few factors such as quantity, complexity of garment, number of sizes in the split.

  5. QC and packing - an insignificant and final sum for packing everything up and doing the final checks.

We've got 15 years experience in this industry and we do it day in day out over and over again for people all over the world. I suspect whatever it is you do, your good at it too and take pride in it.

So if you need help, get in touch. We have the most competitively priced consultancy package on the planet at only $100 USD. And it includes:

  1. Industry grade quote.

  2. 3 project matched factories

  3. 30 min consultation call with us

  4. shipping and logistics intro

  5. inspection company intro.

  6. access to the idealabgz online community and forum.

Get ahead with some good solid professional help and take your brand forward.

You can read about it all here.

look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards, Rick


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