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We are adding Garments to the list.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The birth of the factory starts here

We've taken backpack design, development and manufacturing really seriously. And we absolutely love it. Nothing beats the feeling of working with someone's idea and bringing it into the world to be put into the hands of their loving customers.

We have done most of this through google, facebook & instagram so big thank you to all of you who have put your trust in us over the years and been well rewarded.

We've experienced some pretty mental growth after hacking the world of online digital marketing and we are taking it to the next level. We want to go into oem clothing by being a conduit for factories in china that make clothes.

In fact we have just bought ourselves a handful of industrial sewing machines that are hopefully going to work toward being one of the best clothing manufacturer in China, through our commitment to quality and customer service.

Our focus is to service the needs of clients who sell online and want to get involved with clothing manufacturing from China in small quantities. So if you are looking for shirt manufacturers, t shirt manufacturers in China, gym clothing or activewear or even children's clothing manufacturers then talk to us so we can help you get started.

How does it all work?

Well first of all you need to know a little bit about our operation. We are not set up just yet to handle massive orders. But we can confidently do somewhere around 200-300 pieces (in a variety of sizes). But hopefully this is part that will appeal to our customer base.

We want you to use clothing suppliers in china more regularly, but buy less. This way YOU are in control, have limited excess stock and can see the growth happening quicker. Through our research most online businesses fail because of start up costs. Money nowadays is better spent on advertising and client out-reach than it is on stock.

Stock can be turned around quickly, whereas a lot of time is needed to adequately test and refine your advertising budget to get it fully optimised. A Sewing factory in China once set up with your product can pretty much work to your schedule, preparing product as and when you need it.

Private label clothing manufacturing has changed a lot since the days of mail order catalogues and department stores. Everything is shifting online, which is why depth of range is more important than quantity in stock. After all, when the relationship between dollars spent online equates to garments sold, you have better control over how much and how fast you sell your product. A small quantity clothing manufacturer in china should be your first choice when exploring out sourcing to the Far East.

A short note on quality

Getting clothes made in China does not mean it needs to come with the stigma of "being made in China." Far from it. China has now well and truly shaken its reputation as that place where all our crap comes from. China produces consistently good quality products at a competitive (not cheap) price in a good time frame. The days of stories where clothing manufacturers in Guangzhou China, would take your money and disappear are pretty much gone.

Now the key to finding a good clothing manufacturer in China, is about relationships and looking in all the places nobody else is looking. In fact some of the best clothing manufacturers are so good that they are not even online. They have built their business through their reputation alone. A good example of this is both jeans and women's clothing manufacturers in China. There is literally a whole market dedicated to it, where you can choose the materials, the zippers, the fabric before confirming your order with the clothing production companies based around the market.

Obviously it goes without saying that quality is always something to be wary of. Anywhere in the world, when you buy something you buy with intent. Here it is the same with oem clothing manufacturers and generally getting any clothes made in China. The first step is getting samples made.

This is important when dealing with any apparel manufacturing companies in china as it sets the standard for production. A sample might not be 100% perfect in design, but if the quality is up to scratch and the fabric is right then you have a good baseline to work with when you finally come to getting your clothes made. Sometimes smaller factories will possibly even outsource clothing manufacturing to another smaller factory, which presents even more problems for quality control. So it is important to make sure the factory can handle the order they say they are doing and it is not being outsourced to other Chinese garment suppliers.


We are set up here in South China to take you from design and development, to getting clothes made in China. We have manufacturing capabilities to handle production of about 20-30 pieces a day, meaning we can do somewhere around 200-300 pieces a month (as you need about 10 days per order to check quality, go over stitching and pack the goods into final shipment ready cartons) We take production very seriously and as we know how hard it is finding a clothing manufacturer in China we are setting up to give you transparency, clarity, peace of mind and complete flexibility. If you need 50 pieces, then you can have 50 pieces. As an OEM clothing manufacturer we want to let you do do one thing. "getting clothes made in China." When you grow, we grow. But for now we are happy to start off small.


When the order is finished and packed up we have to organise shipping. This pricing is separate from the manufactured pricing we give you as:

1) We don't know where everyone is based and shipping costs vary depending on whereabouts you are in the world.

2) There are different shipping methods that have different pricing. Sea freight is much more affordable than airfreight, while airfreight is much quicker.

3) Some countries we are able to offer inclusive to the door including taxes and duties. Currently these include: Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia.

4) Pricing of shipping varies depending on the quantity and the overall weight of the box. Heavier boxes will cost more. But if a box is too light, it will be charged at the volume weight - not the actual weight.

We do all shipping at cost with our freight agent and will work to facilitate it at cost directly with the freight agent so you get the most affordable fees for direct transportation of your goods from the made to order from the clothes manufacturer to your door.

To learn more email us at

or on instagram

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