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Customize your own backpack

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Something we are looking at doing for our customers is for example personalized draw string bags. In other words we will put your design or image on a particular bag for you and do small quantity runs.

Our business has gone through some changes over the years. We sort of found our feet supplying hotels, cruise ships and other big companies with their promo merch & it was great. To be honest I never really toyed with advertising or blogging because well it just didn't seem to yield any immediate results. In the beginning of 2018 I started working with google and facebook to explore marketing my business to the clients that run online shops and niche stores. More out of growing something organic and building relationships with people than anything else. And well it's been great but we have now realised upon something else. There are a heck of a lot of you out there with the same problem.

I want to buy bulk backpacks but not that in bulk. Ah I see, like 20 or 30 pieces bulk but not 300 pieces bulk. YES! Screamed the email. We noted that down and kept on working.

I want help with the concept "design your own backpack." Well that we can do no problem. Actually that is something we do really well and we really I mean really enjoy doing that. Head over here to learn more about that.

Some of the common enquires we got from potential clients on facebook and via google were:

"I want to buy cotton drawstring bags for a promotional campaign I am running"

"...hmmmm. Let me check back with you on that one. "

"I want custom drawstring backpacks so I can sell to order to my clients here in the states."

"Again. Let me take a note and get back to you."

"We need 50 printed drawstring bags with our logo on shipped to this address."

"Ah, unfortunately we only can handle MOQs of 150. "


The penny dropped in total silence and I think at last we finally heard the thing. I think it even rolled a bit before it fell over. So it definitely was a lucky penny.

We need to be offering people access to lower quantity custom backpacks with logos. And we can do this in two ways.

1) Bring in some stock in small quantity and hold it.

2) Get a good printer that we can use to print in house.

How did we get there?

As you run your business and watch it grow, it hardly ever grows in the direction you intended it to. Much like a stream headed down a mountain (waa nice little nature metaphor there) it finds its own way to the bottom, guided by gravity, in this case both online advertising and the customer.

So in late 2018 we started to reach out to our suppliers and talk to them about how they could help us work with smaller quantities of promotional backpacks, personalized kids backpacks and custom backpacks with logo. Unfortunately, not many of our suppliers could help. It's not that they didn't want to, its just that they literally couldn't. They don't have the capacity, time or the resources to re-direct their business to plug this gap. So we started to check around with the idea that we would supply drawstring bags bulk and offer a solution to clients looking for custom drawstring backpacks.

If you are an entrepreneur, in the promotional drawstring bag business or an importer who sells online then we are looking to partner with you. And our business model is quite simple.

We are accumulating stock of some common bookbags and promotional backpacks, in low quantity to start with and we will sell them direct to you as the end client in order quantities that you need. Be it 30 pieces or 50 pieces we can do it. But there's more.

Usually the MOQ of custom backpacks with logo is wrapped up in the long time issue of printing. Its a pain yes and it's hard to explain, but certain high level factories don't use the kind of printers that you and I perhaps associate with, (think T shirt sublimation). The truth is there is nothing wrong with these kind of printers but the lead time on doing a print when you have 300 or 400 pieces makes it very difficult for these suppliers to do a run of 50 personalized kids backpacks. The quality that comes from a larger print operation or a smaller one is legitimately almost indistinguishable. In fact I would go so far to argue that with smaller print operations you get a better quality finish because they don't have to rush through them all to finish on time. When an operation is brought in house which is what we are planning to do the control over the quality is vertically integrated and that value is attached to, well our business. In other words what I am trying to say is that we have to do a good job to keep our clients. I know you are thinking "well surely the other large scale suppliers do too." and yes they do, but the reality of it is that if they need to print 300, they print 350 and throw the 50 extra in as collateral if something goes wrong. You and I are not moving in that circle. No doubt for you as an importer want your custom backpacks with logo to be printed 100% of the time every time. Anchorman anyone?

So here's the deal. If this interests you and you want to learn more about how to get promotional drawstring bags (much like the one below) and how to print on them in small quantities then make sure you shoot us an email:

Just let us know what is you want to print.

What kind of personalized backpack or bag you are looking for.

And how many you are looking to purchase.


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