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Camera Backpacks With The Idea Lab

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Exploring a great Camera Backpack design by a local Guangzhou company.

Crowding Out of Decent Camera Backpacks By the Crowdsurfers, sorry...sorcerers..sourcers.

Whether you run an online shop, an amazon store, sell on ebay or just want to browse for new and interesting backpack designs, this blog is a place to get real up to date information on what is in the market place and what it costs. Anyone that has spent any time on kickstarter will see that recently the wheel seems to be coming in an awfully large number of useless shapes and sizes, as well as being rather over priced. A backpack needs to tick a number of boxes.

1) Fulfil a job or a purpose.

2) Be lightweight / easy to use.

3) Be affordable.

A Camera Backpack by its very nature is designed to carry your camera and its component parts and protect them from every day knocks, splash damage as well as allow you to carry them easily. The backpack design we will outline below does all of that and at an EXW price that will probably really surprise you. Put it this way if you wanted to buy one piece off the shelf direct from the supplier in China it would probably cost you $17 USD or £15 (shipping not included). If you are interested in buying just one, get in touch with The Idea Lab Guangzhou. Whilst we are a manufacturing company we often keep extra stock and so should be able to get our hands on one for you.

It's design as a Camera Backpack its very versatile with the inner compartments being completely removable so you can it functions as a normal backpack. The backpack manufacturer that produces this design has clearly thought to design it as a product that appeals to a broad range of people, not just niche camera owners, but people who may travel and have photography as a side hobby. The images below demonstrate how much space is created by removing the camera backpack compartments and having it function as a normal carry backpack.

Technical Information

First and foremost let's address the colours available. Currently this backpack comes in four colours. Red, Green, Purple and Orange. As pictured below.

The material is a waterproof nylon that measures 31cm by 18cm and 44cm weighing approximately 0.70 kg. The sizing means that it also holds a laptop quite comfortably in the back shock proof pocket, built up in four layers of Nylon and PE sheet. There is an extra fixing on the side that allows you to fit a standard sized tripod The side rig allows you fit a standard sized tripod

If you are an online seller either on Amazon, eBay or another platform who has a shop selling camera and camera related equipment then this is a backpack we would definitely recommend for you. It is a well priced item with great mark up potential.

There are a few drawbacks or limiting features which are not available but more prevalent in other camera backpacks. For example the design and structure is quite simple. There are no fancy pockets or ultra secret compartments or fixtures that arrange your cables neatly. The inner layout of the lense compartments is quite straight forward and rigid, meaning you can't customise your pockets for the number of lenses you are carrying, which is often the case with other pricier options that you see on the market place. However as a company with a specialist interest and passion for backpacks, this is a great item.

Attached below are some pictures from the factory during a site inspection made earlier in the year.

As a backpack manufacturer based in Guangzhou we can also help you to customise this product somewhat. Minimum order quantities start at around 100 pieces, but if we have stock it is possible to perhaps accommodate lower orders although we may need to be flexible on colours.

A word on logo printing. Typically logo printing needs an MOQ of 500 pieces at around 0.5 - 1 RMB ($0.07 - $0.14 USD), but if your minimum order is really stuck on 100 pieces, we can just pay 5x the cost of printing for the 100 pieces, meaning perhaps we might have to pay around $1 USD per logo print on a bag.

As far as lead times go, if there is stock in the factory which there often is, stock can be ready to go very soon indeed. A matter of days. If the order quantity is low say 100 pieces, then the lead time has to take a hit. Typically somewhere around 30-40 days is the norm to get anything ready. Larger orders of around 500 or 1000 pieces actually need a similar lead time (this is owing to preparing the materials and having more production lines open in the factory)

In summary The Idea Lab in China would give this product a total of 4 out of 5 stars. The main drawback being the simple design layout of the features that make up the camera backpack compartments. However it's solid Nylon structure and padded laptop and iPad compartment are the redeeming features, coupled with its transformation into a great everyday backpack that you can take to work or travelling.

For more information either contact us by email at or head over here to drop us a line via our contact form.


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