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Are you looking to design a backpack but don't know where to start?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Learn everything you need to know about how to design your own backpack online.

Backpack Designs
Some of our Handy Work!

If you've struggled with the online giants such as Alibaba and Made-in-China you will know it can be a mean feat to try and convey what you want to a backpack supplier half way across the world who doesn't speak your language.

As a bespoke backpack development company we specialise in taking your ideas and bringing them to life. In fact we assist with all areas of the design and development process such as:

1) Interpretation of design & technical drawing.

2) Initial sampling prior to manufacturing.

3) Pre-Production final samples.

4) Overseeing mass production of final order.

5) Quality Control and export.

This short blog post is designed to give you an insight into how we take a backpack idea and turn it into a shelf ready product. Whilst it might all seem very complicated it really isn't.

The Idea Stage (The Eureka Moment)

Every backpack designer will have the moment where the idea comes into their mind. It could be a bookbag, a camera bag, a leather laptop bag or a bag for camping with, the process of design realisation is an epiphany that we can all relate to. If you can somehow put this idea into a rough sketch, drawing or scribble then we are half way there. You don't need to paint us the perfect picture for us to begin work.

Even if it is as bad as the below drawing, it's ok. We can work with it.

An example sketch from client
An example sketch from client

The cost of creating a technical drawing is very reasonable, and we start as we mean to go on. Providing affordable pricing options for our clients to develop their ideas. We charge only $250 USD for a full complete manufacturer ready technical drawing. And that awesome price includes unlimited revisions and we will have it done in 7 days.

See some amazing examples of our work below:

Get started on your custom backpack technical drawing today by emailing us at

And of course, remember we you offer unlimited revisions on your design until it is absolutely perfect, so don't worry you won't have to settle for anything other than the absolute best.

When your drawing is finished and you are happy with the work. We can begin the next stage; which is sampling.

Sampling is a little more complicated than the drawing and the length of time it makes to create a sample can vary. Often it is not shorter than 14 days, but sometimes it can be as long as 21 days. And unfortunately whilst we are unable to give you an exact timeframe for how long it takes to sample, we do guarantee that you will be satisfied with your the attention to detail and care taken when manufacturing your backpack sample.

The sample we manufacture from your technical drawing will be a little different to the final pre production sample that we confirm the order against. Why?

Well when we manufacture samples we do not have the purchasing power with a deposit of an order so quite often we have [if we cannot find the identical fabric] to use close or very similar fabrics, silver zippers instead of black ones, standard labels instead of your custom labels. The key components of sampling are good construction and visual identity. As in the product looks like you expect it to.

Our sampling fees are also fantastically priced and start at $200 depending on the backpack design and how complicated it is. That price also includes registered courier of your backpack sample to your door. So for a total of around $450 USD you can visualise your backpack as a tech pack and get a finished sample sent to your door via registered courier.

To get started and enquire about sampling fees reach out to us at

We keep our development fees as low as possible because we want to encourage people to be creative and develop ideas. Too often factories and suppliers artificially inflate these costs to keep out new businesses out (as in those with limited start up capital). We think this is wholly unfair which is why we try and keep everything as low as possible.

What happens after I receive my sample?

Receiving a sample is always a big step forward in bringing your idea forward through the development stages. We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers needs and giving them the confidence in our samples to move forward to order with us. We are pretty sure you will love your sample.

When you do receive your sample, it is normal to want to change some aspects of the design. Maybe an extra pocket, or a waterproof zipper etc etc you get the idea. This is totally fine and totally normal. Usually at this point we will arrange a quick phone call via whatsapp to go through your idea and talk about the changes you want. With these final changes to your design, a clear path regarding materials and initial order quantities we can begin to take your backpack to the factory floor and start manufacturing.

If you have got this far, then the chances are you are probably debating about who you should contact to discuss your backpack idea with. Well it costs absolutely nothing to talk to us and we promise to give you some honest clear cut advice about the most affordable and practical solutions to bring your idea to market.


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