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Backpack logos

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Idea Lab in China takes a look at some of the most popular backpack logos and what the future holds for backpack manufacturing worldwide. If you are in the process of designing or producing backpacks in the Far East then this should be a worthwhile read for you.

This industry creates around 6.1 million jobs and accounts for around $650 billion a year. The widespread use of backpacks as both a recreational and functional accessory used in life every day.

In this short blog post I want to explore some of the backpack logos in circulation, introduce a little bit of background to the companies and why in the end, if you can't decide on your logo, it's not the end of the world.

Without a doubt one of the most recognisable brands making backpacks. Founded in 1968 by Douglas Tompkins North Face began life in San Francisco. They operate over 70 retail outlets across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The North Face company combined with JanSport manufactured nearly half of all the small backpacks sold in the United States.

Their logo is in essence quite simple. Three small words and a simple graphic. The name evokes imagery of cold northern facing mountains, suggesting that they are making equipment suitable for some of the most formidable environments.

Another company born in California in 1974 and has come to be one of the market leaders in unique and innovative backpack design, manufacturing backpacks to some of the highest quality.

In my opinion the logo is not as memorable or immediate in triggering a response as say the North Face backpack logo, but the name has become synonymous with long lasting durability, as opposed to being fashionable or being affordable. Whilst the logo is not particularly evocative, the name certainly is. When one thinks of an Osprey you think of a mighty eagle that eats and swoops on fish and not just that lives in some of the harshest environments, but succeeds very well there. A summarising comment would be, given the backpack logo is not particularly impressive the company has still managed to do very well and establish itself over 40 years of trading.

Jansport has become so popular over the years it has developed into a style as much as it has a brand. As far as backpack logos go, this one screams college kid, skater, urban wear basically anybody under the age of 30 probably owns a Jansport backpack and has it hiding somewhere in the house.

The company began life in 1967 in Seattle, Washington. Having being founded by a guy called Murray Pletz and now sharing its office space with sibling company North Face. As mentioned earlier Jansport and North Face at some time were responsible for nearly half of all the backpacks manufactured in the United States.

As a logo and a name, personally I find it quite uninspiring and often difficult it seems to pronounce, but the level of recognition now associated with its logo is well known. Perhaps even better is the style of the day pack that it has come to represent.

But what is the point here and why am I introducing to you these three backpack logos. Well there is a point to be made. Firstly all of their logos are rather unremarkable and nothing special. So don't let that put you off that logo that you have scribbled away, and certainly don't lose any sleep over it. Don't worry about factories in China stealing it away from you, as they are only bothered about corporate and intellectual property when it can make them some real money. Furthermore if you want to call your company Dryoff Hikes, why not? The name means something but again as evident with Jansport not very much. The company is named after his wife....

Finally all these backpack companies are producing their kit where? You guessed it. China. China has now successfully positioned itself as one the world's best places in the world to manufacture backpacks. So abandon this idea as China being cheap and poor quality. Those days are long gone, China has risen as a reasonably priced solution to manufacturing high quality finished goods.

If you are somebody who has a great idea for a backpack, you have sort of got a logo done, but not really sure where to start or what the next steps are, talk to us. We make a lot of backpacks, we can talk you through the design process clearly, illuminate your design and help you to realise your backpack manufacturing dreams.

We are really easy going and would love to hear from you. To get started email us



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