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Warehouse Facilities

and Logistical Solutions

How far is the warehouse from the Guangzhou airport? 

How much does the warehouse cost?

The warehouse is located directly behind Guangzhou airport and is a five minute drive. If you are coming from the city centre of Guangzhou it would take approximately one hour. Shipping freight from Shenzhen takes around 3 hours, with Dongguan around 2 hours. 

The warehouse costs as little as $2 per pallet per day. With one pallet holding around 1 CBM of stock. 

How much stock can you hold in the warehouse?

Is there a minimum contracted time for storage?

How do I get my goods

to the warehouse?

We have access to around 280 cbm of usable space.

Not at all. Many of our clients use the warehouse for a matter of days, or even weeks as they interim their stock there once production is finished while they wait for shipping arrangements to be finalised. 

By using the services of a freight forwarder or a logistics agent you can move your goods from factory to warehouse.


The warehouse will not accept goods without a signed packing list from the consignee. Freight costs within South China are not particularly expensive and travel distances are quite short.


If you need help arranging logistics solutions please get in touch and we can help. 

Is the warehouse safe from intruders and theft?

The warehouse is sealed with an electronic gate, 24 hour security and strictly monitored with round the clock CCTV. Coupled with the extremely low rates of crime and theft in China, the warehouse is completely safe. 

Do you have warehousing facilities?

As part of our business to offer fully vertically integrated services to our Western clients, we have access to a temperature controlled, fully air conditioned bonded warehouse in Guangzhou. We took the warehouse in late 2014 and it is used mostly short term to provide added security for clients stock when production has finished. 

What kind of products do you store?

We store mostly electronic products, promotional products, garments, bars and plastic glassware. 

Why would I need access to a warehouse in China?

Access to a warehouse in China gives you complete flexibility and control over your suppliers.


It is a benefit if you are consolidating many different orders from separate suppliers into one shipment, it is also useful it you have the same product going to different destinations. It serves as a base to store goods if you are a retailer or distributor.


The affordability of land also makes warehousing a very viable option compared to something

closer to home. 

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