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Professional Handbag, Purse & PU Bag Manufacturing service based in South China


We have a decade of experience in China working with all kinds of PU (Artificial Leather) products  from purses to totes to backpacks. 


We pride ourselves on doing small quantity OEM work for a range of clients in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.

Private label manufacturers in China are very common, but it is the relationship you develop with your supplier that determines the success of your manufacturing opportunity. 


We are friendly, warm, open and receptive to all enquiries however small. We guarantee you will enjoy working with The idea Lab. 

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The Idea Lab is a premier off shore manufacturing company based in Guangzhou, China since 2009, specialising in backpack design and development for a variety of clients. 

Got an idea for a PU/Leather Bag design but not too sure where or how to start? 

handbag manufacturing china

I have a design for

a handbag, purse, tote - can you help?

Yes. With your notes, ideas, sketches and doodles we can pull together a comprehensive plan on how best to manufacture your product and make sure it stands out from the competition with superb materials and good workmanship.

What kind of PU & Leather products do 

you make?

If it's made from PU or  Leather and is a bag, a tote, a purse, a satchel, a handbag, backpack or wallet then you are in the right place. Email us via the form at the bottom to get a better idea on how to bring your idea to life. Enquiry is free, it won't cost you a penny.

What kinds of companies do you work with?

We work with a variety of clients across the english speaking world, from New Zealand to Canada. We specialise in helping clients get their idea from paper, to something they can touch before putting it to the factory floor.  In 2019, we were awarded a contract to work with Aston Martin, and supply them with some luggage which was a great experience.

Why choose the Idea Lab?

We have been positioned in China since 2009, meaning we have amassed a great network of fabulous suppliers that are competitively priced and extremely professional.


By choosing the idea lab you are working with a team of young professionals who love manufacturing and can give you direct access to this fantastic network of great people and resources here on the ground. 

With PU and artificial leather products, material choice is paramount to achieving a good product. We are located in the heart of China's leather and PU manufacturing hub. 

How do we choose which material we want to work with

There are an endless supply of leather swatches available to choose from. They have different feels, textures, properties and are suitable for different projects. If you tell us (or show us - an image is fine) what you are looking for we can usually match it very closely. And then when we finish the sample we will include a number of swatches also for you to reference against, in case you want to adjust the material.

Where do you manufacture your bags?

There is no place like Shiling (or Huadu) as it's known to make leather products. It's a town dedicated to the manufacture of leather (real and imitation) goods. The factories here are closely located to the materials markets which means the supply chain is well organised and efficient. 

In terms of manufacturing it means that there is a well trained readily available work-force that ensures product quality and lead times are easier to control.

How much do

samples cost?

The biggest cost for making samples is time and energy. The Idea lab wants your samples to be as close to the final product as possible.


We need to evaluate the sample cost based on your technical drawings. However it is worth noting that sample fees are a one time fee. If the sample is not made as per your specifications we can re-make it entirely for free. 

There are some limitations on sampling that you will need to be aware of. It may be a particular type of zipper you are after, a custom fabric, or a stamped logo. Some of these processes require either an MOQ or tooling. In which case we will let you know.

When this is the case we will confirm a final sample against production deposit, but before mass production. 

How long does it usually take? 

Sampling is split into a few different stages.

1) Creation of a paper template. 

2) Preparation of materials.

3) Cutting and sewing.

Generally the whole process takes around 3 weeks or 20 days. With more complicated bags it can be longer, or with simpler handbags, wallets, purses etc it can be much shorter. 

With your brief we will help evaluate the specific time frame need.

What is your MOQ?

The MOQ or Minimum order quantity is a number given by the factory as an indication of the lowest number they are willing to produce per style.


MOQs vary per suppliers and depend on a number of factors, such as availability of material, quantity that can be dyed, production lines in operation as well as things like workforce.


We appreciate that some businesses are just starting out so we try to facilitate as low as possible. For some designs and ideas we can start as low as 150 pieces, but 300 is an optimum. 

What should be my next step?

Fill out the short form below and let us see how we can help you bring your idea to the factory floor. 

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