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The Products We Love to Make.

What sort of products are you able to manufacture?

Our relationships with some of the market leaders in the leisure and hospitality industry have led us to be very focused in four main niche areas of production. With quality and service at the forefront of our company ethos we are your first choice in China for developing ideas and ensuring you get the best product at the best price. 

To learn about having your own Chinese office desk worker (for as little as $500 a month) to handle all of your promotional merchandise enquiries click here

Why choose a manufactuing partner like the idea lab?

China has emerged to be one of the world leaders exporting a vast number of products all around the world, particularly Europe, The United States and Australia and New Zealand.


China is unrivalled in the opportunities it presents to potential clients, with factories making almost every product imaginable.


However many Chinese factories still don't fully understand Western concepts of quality and service. This is why you need a company like The Idea Lab to deliver the security of quality manufacturing that Western companies rely on.

What can the idea

lab help me with?

As Chinese suppliers are very vertically integrated in many things they do, it often means you have to take each step of your product to a different manufacturer, which makes it confusing at the best of times.


Add to that, the time difference, the language barrier and trying to communicate the intricate details of your design it can be very difficult to talk remotely with Chinese suppliers.


Thats where The Idea Lab comes in. We bring everything under one roof, we offer design, prototyping, sampling, pre-production inspection, warehousing and export assistance. 

How much does

my business need

to spend?

One of China's many advantages to importers is the fact manufacturers, through the huge economies of scale here can offer products at competitive prices. This however is dependent on minimum order quantities and has some bearing on the minimum you need to spend.


Whilst it differs for different products, the minimum amount you need to be willing to spend is around $5000-$8000, with the typical amount being spent on an order somewhere around $25,000-$30,000.

How do you get paid?

Whereby The Idea Lab is working alongside you in advisory role to help maintain production schedules, sample production, quality control there is a flat percentage paid on the total value of the order. 

If The Idea Lab facilitates manufacturing through our established network of suppliers then there is a value added to the unit price of the product which is paid against the order. 

Services we provide such as inspection, quality control, warehousing, sampling and prototyping are all paid with a flat upfront fee. 

What are the typical problems with promotional merch?

As China has positioned itself to be the major global player in manufacturing, it has become a place where you can find anything being manufactured out here.

However Chinese ideas of quality and Western ideas of quality are not the same and this is where typical problems arise. Issues of poor printing or inadequate raw material are equally matched with poor craftsmanship or cutting corners to finish on time.

That is why you need us, The Idea Lab. A service driven solution to ensure manufacturing capabilities are met on all your orders. 


in China do

you produce?

China has manufacturing hubs throughout its many provinces. However we have found through our experience and history in the country that the best factories tend to locate in the following regions.

1. Garments we produce in Guangdong and Fujian.

2. Bags and Backpacks we produce in Fujian.

3. Glassware (inc. plastics) we produce in South China and Zhenjiang.

4. Electronics we produce in Shenzhen.

Do you do

bespoke product development?

Product development and design is the focus of our business at The Idea Lab. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in China we know the best ways and the best places to be in order to bring your ideas to life at a reasonable cost and in an acceptable time frame. To learn about our product development head over here.  

Are there any times

of the year you

do not take orders?

During the annual Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration there is no manufacturing in China for around four weeks.


Unfortunately this is unavoidable. Usually there is a mad rush before CNY and many suppliers experience a back log. 


We recommend placing final orders at the beginning of December to avoid missing any proposed shipment dates. 

What do you think about the

Canton fair?

The Idea Lab has been present at over 18 successive Canton fairs and to be honest the products on display change very little.


However the Canton fair is a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the best suppliers in China. You can also use the the fair to get an idea of ranges, prices and compare products.


As rental space for the Canton fair is so expensive

and demand is consistently high you will find with the canton fair that the same companies occupy the same booths year in year out. With that in mind, don't expect too much to change at the canton fair but it does remain a great resource. 

How do you select

the factories

you work with?

Over the ten years we have worked with many factories and you will find on the surface many factories appear the same.


They have machines, a work force, a warehouse and the prices don't seem to differ that much. It is the factories that will help you when there is a problem that are the ones we work with.


It is the factories that will innovate with you to help solve problems are the ones that we work with. 

We are having 


Can you help?

Depending on the problem, yes we may be able to help you. Reach out to us via the enquiry form from the link at the bottom of the page and someone will get in touch with you to discuss your issue. 

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