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Pre -Shipment and

Final Inspection

Why should

I choose the Idea Lab to help with 

product design?

A good knowledge of production is critical to being able to understand how to undertake inspection. Many inspection companies are not focused within a particular niche, but trained in reading from a sheet, thus they often look at only symptoms, rather than triggers.


Where as a typical inspection company might only count and photograph the defective product, The Idea Lab would look at the mould and raise the issue to you that the mould is faulty and needs work.


Furthermore an inspection companies work is done when the inspection is complete, and if something is found to be wrong with the supplier or the production process there is little that they will often do to help put it right.


The Idea Lab's knowledge in production and manufacturing processes combined with a deep rooted understanding of how China's manufacturing industry works means that if something goes wrong, we can start trying to put it right for you immediately. 

Why do I need

an inspection?

With China at the forefront of the manufacturing world, factories are making products for different clients in different countries, each with their own set of quality control rules and standards.


A factory is also run and managed by people, and people come and go. They get replaced, this too affects quality control. The Idea Lab is here to ensure western standards of service and quality are met in the factory for our clients.


An inspection in a factory is a low cost and efficient way of ensuring products in the factory at a particular time are being manufactured to spec. 

What is AQL?

The acceptable quality level is a statistical measurement of the maximum number of defective goods considered acceptable in a particular

sample size.


Goods in a sample are tested at random, and if the number of defective items is below the predetermined amount, that product is said to meet the acceptable quality level (AQL).


If the acceptable quality level (AQL) is not reached for a particular sampling of goods, manufacturers will review the various parameters in the production process to determine the areas causing the defects.

What is an IPC?

At The Idea Lab we think of the IPC as an early warning check. It is undertaken before anything happens in the factory (or production is less than 20% complete). An IPC includes a preliminary complete inspection of machinery and materials to be used in the production of your order. 

What is a DUPRO?

A During production check is undertaken between 20% and 80% of product is ready for shipping. A sample is taken from the order at random and is an indicator whether or not the factory is following your original specifications and if production is on target to finish on time. 

What is a PSI?

A pre shipment inspection is conducted when production is at 80%. It highlights any problematic stock and gives you a chance to pursue corrective action if the stock is not good enough. A PSI is the last inspection before the goods are shipped. 

What is a CLC?

A container loading check is a check at random of finished packaged boxes to ensure both the quantity and quality matches the specification. That all packaging contains the correct barcodes, labelling and packing materials. Final observation that all stock makes it onto the truck for port delivery. 

What is a PM?

Production monitoring is eyes, ears and boots in the factory every day. Its an onsite product inspection performed every day. Particularly useful if a supplier is falling behind in schedule and you need to apply continual pressure. It helps to quickly eliminate defective products as well as enforcing your specifications. 

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