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10 Pieces Minimum. Delivered to Door.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Introducing Backpack Wholesale Options from China. Many people are put off by the somewhat larger minimum order quantities for backpack manufacturing in China, which when compared to garment and clothing manufacture is significantly higher. To buy materials, organise production and have a good run at something bespoke a minimum order of around 300 pieces is about as low as we can go.

However I understand that many people are starting their own online stores, unsure about what they maybe want to sell, or perhaps they want to have a bit of a range of products on their store. 300 pieces multiplied by styles and ranges can quickly become daunting and high risk. So we are introducing (hopefully with some success) a 10 Piece order Wholesale Backpack China option to our site.

The idea being, that some people out there want to move their purchasing to the Far East, but don't want to commit right off the bat to the larger orders, They'd prefer to move up slowly, maybe test a few products first before they commit to something bespoke, maybe want to work on building a range on Amazon or eBay but want to iron out the logistical implications first and get some traffic on those ever so crucial keywords. Whatever the reason, I would suggest most people want to have a go at online selling, but they do not want to drop-ship nor do they want to spend 10 grand bringing in stock they are not too sure can even sell.

If you want to be kept in the loop about how this develops as there is really nothing to lose when you are ordering 10 backpacks then drop your details in the form below, just an email address is fine. We won't and don't spam don't worry. You might get one email every two weeks and we will always keep it short and sweet.


What have we done?

Well. We've got good, even great relationships with our manufacturers, some of the time, most of the time, I guess all of the time. Yeah. Even we argue, we sort it out in the end! They have kindly helped me put together a list of stock items (items they have patterns, fabric, zippers for. Not common everyday items either, somethings are quite unique).

Basically they can make them easily and quickly. Further they are holding some stock for us to help get this off the ground. These backpack manufacturers in China are going to handle incredibly low order quantities, specifically 10 pieces as a minimum. Ship them to my warehouse within a week so we can check them and get them out to our vast and diverse backpack manufacturing client base in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and New Zealand. We are going to then use of consolidated logistics network of ocean freight only and ship them out to our clients inclusive of all duties, taxes and fees. Australia and New Zealand sorry, you will have to pay GST.

From buying your bags to the time receiving them at your front door should be around 45-50 days. Yes I know its a long wait, but its a means to scale up and enter the market at a low cost to you and with minimum risk. We need 7-8 days to get your stock ready for shipment & then it goes onto a weekly freighter. Whilst on the ocean unfortunately your China manufactured backpacks cannot be tracked, but you can use this time to prepare your website, your adwords, maybe start taking some pre-orders. With ten pieces only as a minimum order it should be fairly straight forward for you to sell. If you want to receive one ahead by courier just let us know, we will ship it out and then you can pay the courier fee of that one separately. Once the bags arrive at the destination port, after around 35 days they will clear customs. This is unfortunately the great unknown. It could take 3 days it could take 7 days. It depends on how busy the customs are and how well organised they are. After it has finished clearing customs the tracking number we provided you with, will become active. Once that tracking number becomes active you will receive your backpacks at your door in a matter of days.

What happens with faulty stock?

Of course we try and avoid this issue by inspecting everything prior to leaving but sometimes of course sh*t happens. If this happens, just let us know and we can do 1 of two things.

1) we can refund you the value of the damaged bag.

2) ship out a replacement to you at our cost.

How does it all work?

It is a bit clunky at the moment the online shop as we are still tweaking the product pages and the checkout process but the idea behind it is quite simple. The image of the bag represents the bag we are selling and you are buying. Duh! And the price shown is the price for 10 pieces inclusive of shipping and duties. So there are no extra charges or fees outside of the price shown (Australia & NZ - GST - Sorry).

So all you need to do is click on the bag that you want to buy and the page will enlarge like so to show the expanded view of the chosen backpack.

The SKU036 refers to the number we have assigned to it, so we can find it here and pick it up from the factory. From the dropdown menu you can then select the colour you want. Here you can see for this manufactured backpack there are three colour choices. Blue, Black & Red. The price shown is for $216.30 USD (I am working on getting a currency calculator put in for those of you in the United Kingdom, Canada, NZ and Australia). Unfortunately you can't mix colours just yet, so the minimum order quantity is per 10 pieces. So the price per backpack per colour is $21.63 USD. And that price includes the shipping and the duties and the delivery, so even to a seasoned importer these prices are quite competitive and of course you only have to buy 10 and they are coming factory direct. The beauty of buying them factory direct is that we can solve quality issues quickly as well as being able to offer stock on a continued basis. And as your business grows you can explore new and different products as well as branch out into customisation and product development to differentiate yourself further from your competitors.

The next step, is add to cart. Yep! the bit where it moves into that imaginary shopping cart and we wait for your payment details. We've chosen the black one, because black is classy and it stays clean.

You only need to click quantity one, as the quantity one is for a set of 10. We figured it was easier that way to avoid potential mistakes. If you want to check the details, hit the button "View Full Details" and it will bring up a short brief just letting you know about the fabrics, the sizes etc.

We wanted to use Own It instead of Buy Now, but thats what it means. It means take me to the handing out my payment info bit. But we just thought Own It sounded more decisive. Once its in your cart, it will look something like this.

You can see the total is at $216.30.

Once you hit checkout, make sure you fill out all the information. We need it for the delivery courier. Zip Code, Address, the lot. If we don't have it. We can't ship it.

Finally it is highly likely as we get going and gather more momentum that we will start to offer more bags, develop our own and include logo placement and customisation as standard for all orders. If you want to be kept in the loop join us via this short form and we will keep you upto date.

Thanks for reading and if you have any specific questions please reach out to me directly via


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