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Connect with China

Why China?

China's rise in the last 50 years as an unstoppable force in the world of manufacturing makes it a first choice when looking for offshore manufacturing.


Despite their rapid advances in technology, Chinese suppliers often fail to realise their Western customers understandings of quality and service. Finding the supplier that understands your needs and requirements is hard. 

That is where The Idea Lab comes in.


We are based in the beating heart of industrial China to deliver you the service and quality that you

would expect.  

What can you

design for me?

Finding a good supplier is not as simple as searching for Alibaba or Made in China and looking for the cheapest price. There are many factors to consider: 

  1. Their relevant experience in manufacturing your product.

  2. The factory size vs workforce and suitability to handle your order. 

  3. Manufactured processes and if any are outsourced. 

  4. The location of the factory within China.

  5. The foreign markets currently served by that supplier. 


In short, out sourced processes are a red flag towards handling quality control. Bigger factories does not always mean better, and a supplier whose 75% of their exports are to markets in countries that don't have the same quality requirements as yourself is not a good indicator. 

It is for this reason you should consult The Idea Lab first, as with 10 years experience in China we are well practiced in matching the right supplier to the right customer.

How long does

it take to find a supplier?

What kind of suppliers do you work with?

With a full and proper specification sheet detailing the particulars of your order, to find from our database a suitable supplier would take anywhere between one and three weeks. 

We are focused around products that are used everyday, from toys and gifts to homewares and glassware.


We have a large database of small local suppliers that are local to us in Guangdong as well as being further afield in Fujian and Zhejiang. 

We also work with some larger more well known factories. We use these factories when handling bigger orders or orders that require a specific Audit or License for production. 

What kind of products do you manufacture?

  1. A wide range of bespoke promotional products. 

  2. Plastic Glassware & Bar Glassware (such as Shot Glasses, Flashing Plastic Glassware).

  3. Garments, Bags, Rucksacks, Satchel Bags, Laptop Bags. 

  4. Wooden Jigsaws, Figurines, Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets. 

  5. Electronics including Power banks, LED Reading Lamps, Bluetooth Speakers etc. 

What are

the advantages

of using

the Idea Lab?

Having being based in China for almost 10 years now we are well placed to get access to the best suppliers at some of the best prices, without compromising on quality or service.


Having a large pool of buyers sourcing from a selection of factories in China, also gives us access to competitive pricing and streamlined production strategies. 

How is China 


Economically China is currently unstoppable. Growth and Development are out pacing the rest of the developed world. People are getting richer and businesses are growing.


However with that China is investing. As China races through the 21st Century, the Chinese government is spending massive amounts of money on premium infrastructure that will maintain China's position at the top of the leader board.


China is and will be for some time to come, the world's number one manufacturing nation. 

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