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Traders, Product Designers & Exporters of the world unite!

Jack and I have combined our expertise, experiences with both booby trap factories and awesome suppliers to put together a sort of road map to victory for manufacturers far and wide looking to get started in China (but who let's be honest have probably had a difficult time on Alibaba).


Websites such as Alibaba make it difficult because you are not seeing the true value of the potential supplier you are talking to, so you have no actual idea if your inflatable rubber rings with bluetooth speakers are made there or handed off to a friend of the next door neighbours dog walker's second cousin who knows someone who owns a factory.


You get my point. There exists little to no transparency, you just get a price, a picture and you chat via email.

Well we want to help you change that. Firstly we work factory direct on everything and secondly we teach you in ten easy steps how to make sure you are too. And those ten steps are available for you. 

 "10 Secrets to making new cool fun stuff in China", is a sort of swiss army knife loaded with a range of tools and gadgets for people wanting to bring their ideas to life out here in the not so Far East. Click the image below to grab your copy today.   Available while stocks last!

"Shut up Rick, it's an ebook."



This concise ebook will give you a foundational understanding in how to harness the energy of Chinese factories, international shipping and logistics companies, and your own creative vision, to launch your dream business. Learn the secrets of manufacturing the big shippers don’t want you to know! 


Find out how to:


1. Find and Validate a High Quality Factory


2. Build Relationships with Suppliers so they ARE DYING to help you instead of just NEEDING to help you


3. Prepare Blueprints for a more Perfect FIRST SAMPLE


4. Merge the Industrial Capabilities of Multiple Factories to RAPIDLY DEVELOP your Product


5. Negotiate GREAT deals at PROFITABLE fair prices


6. Download the MUST HAVE APPs for doing business in China


7. Use MAGIC CHINESE WORDS to Maximize Quality Control 


8. Oversee the literal MASS PRODUCTION of your Product


9. Leverage the power of the MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY




10. COMMAND the language of INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING with Ease!


But wait, that’s not all! 10 SECRETS TO MAKING NEW COOL FUN STUFF IN CHINA also contains super secret extra information on:

1) the factory landscape

2) easy manufacturing pitfalls to avoid

3) the real minimum - minimum order quantity

4) guideline unit pricing


AND finally ...

5) how to perfectly package your product en masse! 


Click below today to start your business adventure to the wild east from the comfort of very own home today! 


In the new roaring twenties, let a thousand flowers bloom!

Read the BLURB here. Or don't. 


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